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Invacare Corp (IVC) Company Profile

Invacare Corporation, incorporated on March 23, 1971, is a manufacturer and distributor for medical equipment used in non-acute care settings. The Company designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices help people to move, breathe, rest and read more...

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Portable oxygen concentrator - InfoBarrel

Are you planning to buy a portable oxygen concentrator? People who live with mutiple health issues often need oxygen treatments to help cope with their problems.People with breathing problems such as emphysema need to carry oxygen with them where read more...

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CNN.com - Paging Dr. Gupta Blog

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Chief Medical Correspondent

The recent story of Carine Desir, a 44-year-old woman who died on an American Airlines flight from Haiti to New York, has a lot of people thinking: Could that happen to me? Well, it cou read more...

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Access To Oxygen Is A Necessity -- So Why Are So Many People Living Without It?

Three years ago, just a few days after joining the read more...

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The Incredibly Beneficial Uses of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen therapy is an essential treatment option for patients suffering from a number of respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. Scientists have thought up different ways of solving this problem and have finally com read more...

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Medical Oxygen Machines for Portable and Home Oxygen Usage

PortableOxygenConcentrators.com is one of the leading oxygen concentrator retailers and has been providing customers with the highest level of service for over 10 years. Our brand selection of home and portable oxygen concentrators is of the highe read more...